Wuhan Crash Cymbals

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Wuhan Crash Cymbals

Wuhan Crash Cymbal 14  

Wuhan Crash Cymbal 14"

Wuhan Crash Cymbal 14 The small size and medium-thin weight of this Wuhan crash provide an excellent balance of quick, explosive response and rapid decay. This balance of characteristics makes them perfect for adding crisp accents to musical passages.The best crash cymbals money can

Wuhan Crash Cymbal 16  

Wuhan Crash Cymbal 16"

Wuhan Crash Cymbal 16 Inches Wuhan "Western-Style" splashes, crashes, hi-hats, and rides are created by Wuhan's cymbal craftsman and have a distinct, unmistakable character. Generally thinner than other cymbals, they produce a breathy wash of overtones and a comfortable cushion of

Wuhan Crash Cymbal 18  

Wuhan Crash Cymbal 18"

Wuhan Crash Ride Cymbal 18 This medium-weight Wuhan 18" Crash/Ride Cymbal is happy to perform double duty for you. As a crash, this cymbal has the size and weight to speak out over loud music, with a clear, bright tone and full sustain. As a ride, it has the clarity and articulation