Gon Bops Drum Parts

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Gon Bops Drum Parts

Gon Bops Ak Block V Clamp  

Gon Bops Ak Block / V Clamp

Hit the block or hit the pitched block of treated hide, youll be amazed. This Gon Bops Ak Block is molded into a solid cone shape from natural hide that has been specially treated. This versatile percussion instrument can be hand-held or mounted to your percussion rig with its integrated

Gon Bops CongaBongoTimbale Mount  

Gon Bops Conga/Bongo/Timbale Mount

Gon Bops Percussion Mount for Conga, Bongo or Timbale Tension Rods Standard Clamps to most percussion instrument tension rods. V-Grip clamp holds the extension rod tight.