Dime D100/D412 Half Stack Straight


Dime D100/D412 Half Stack Straight

Dime D100D412 Half Stack Straight

Dime D100/D412 Half Stack Straight

Dean pays tribute to a metal god with 120 watts of crushing guitar tone. The killer Dean Dimebag D100 guitar amp head ensures that the the infamous and incomparable metal tone of Dimebag Darrell lives on.Dimebag Darrell's guitar tone is legendary. In fact, in 2004, Guitar Player magazine included the former Pantera guitarist on its list of the 50 greatest tones of all time. The Dean Dimebag D100 amp head boasts as much as 120W of unbridled guitar force for all of your head-banging pleasure. The
two-channel D100 head is equipped with a 3-band EQ with a Presence control. Need a lift for those pinch-harmonic dive bombs? Just hit the Boost switch for a huge shot of pure gain. Also features reverb, dual FX loops, and a line out.Also included is an FS1 footswitch for hands-free amp control. Offered at a great price, you'll love your Dean Dimebag D100 from the moment you pull this head out of the box. The 300W Dean Dimebag D412 guitar speaker cabinet is built with rugged, roadworthy construction. The 4x12 Dimebag speaker cab can manage whatever bone-crushing guitar tone you throw at it. The Dean Dimebag D412 boasts as much as 300W power handling in a mono configuration, for ear-bleeding, head-banging Dimebag Darrell glory. Four 12" custom-designed Eminence speakers provide all the voicing and tone you are looking for. The speaker cab's mono and stereo options allow for many different amp heads to be paired up with the Dimebag cabinet, and the triple 1/4" full-range inputs (mono in/out, stereo left and right) give you plenty of options to dial in your perfect heavy sound.
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 Dime D100/D412 Half Stack Straight
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