Ludwig Keystone 4 Piece Drum Set Psychedelic-Red


Ludwig Keystone 4 Piece Drum Set Psychedelic-Red

Ludwig Keystone 4 Piece Drum Set PsychedelicRed

Ludwig Keystone 4 Piece Drum Set Psychedelic-Red

Ludwig Keystone 4 Piece Drum Shell Pack Psychedelic Red The Ludwig Keystone 4-piece drum shell pack includes a 22" x 18" kick, 10" x 8" and 12" x 9" rack toms, and a 16" x 16" floor tom.Traditionally, the Ludwig Sound has run the gamut between the low tonal warmth of the Legacy drum shell, and the resonant mid-range qualities of Classic Maple. As musical tastes and styles have evolved, however, a growing segment of the drumming community sees the need for a louder alternative. With this need in mind,
Ludwig's team of engineers and craftsmen went back to square one with one goal in mind: a completely new drum shell for today's Ludwig Drummer. The latest creation from Ludwig USA's Monroe facility, Keystone Series Drums have the distinction of a more focused tonality. The 3-ply maple core used in their Classic Maple drums is augmented with 1/16" inner- and outer-plies of American red oak. This 5-ply combination creates a thin, dense drum shell that speaks loudly with quick, even decay. In order to draw further resonance from this unique hybrid, the dual 45° bearing edge is pulled to the center of the shell to seat perfectly into the head. The end result is a Ludwig drum shell that produces solid, authoritative tone with high power and attack. For the live music drummer, a perfect balance between high-volume cut and subtle articulation is achieved. The Ludwig Keystone Series is made under the same strict quality and structural standards as Classic Maple and Legacy drums, putting a modern twist on a century of custom American drum making. The namesake of Ludwig's legendary icon, Keystone Series drums feature the new low-contact Keystone lug and mounting bracket for a dramatic look and feel. Hardware and cymbals sold separately.
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 Ludwig Keystone 4 Piece Drum Set Psychedelic-Red
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