Remo Festival Djembe Drum 10x20"


Remo Festival Djembe Drum 10x20"

Remo Festival Djembe Drum 10x20

Remo Festival Djembe Drum 10x20"

Great for the beginner desiring great tone and feel for an easy price. Lightweight and crafted with Remo's proprietary Acousticon drum shell material made from 100% recycled wood fibers, these environmentally friendly djembes sport beautiful designs that are also imprinted on the drumhead, making them beautiful decorative accents as well as great-sounding hand drums. An included nylon shoulder strap lets you play while standing. With their wide array of tones and comfortable sizes, the djembe is
ideal for education or recreational use. A two-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects is also offered with this fun and versatile hand drum.
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 Remo Festival Djembe Drum 10x20"
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