Yamaha Club Rack Tom 12x8" Black Wood


Yamaha Club Rack Tom 12x8" Black Wood

Yamaha Club Rack Tom 12x8 Black Wood

Yamaha Club Rack Tom 12x8" Black Wood

Inspired by the great historic vintage drums. The Yamaha Club Custom mounted tom gives vintage drum buffs the warm tone and controlled sustain they are used to, with the advantages of modern manufacturing techniques for consistency and better projection. The Swirl finish process pays homage to some of the great finishes of yesterday by creating the effect in lacquer for less restriction to shell vibration. Club Custom shells are 6-ply kapur for a warm, dark tone. Kapur is a hard wood with strong
low end frequencies ideal for acoustic settings, without sacrificing the ability to project through loud amplified instruments. All drums have a 60° bearing edge with a round profile for 3mm of shell to head contact for better transmission of head to shell vibration. This gives Club Custom a strong attack, warm tone with controlled sustain. Club Custom drums use Yamaha's time proven oak Custom lug with single-bolt mounting. This compact lug has minimal contact to the shell for less restriction of vibration, and fewer holes in the shell means less metal inside the drum for a natural, organic sound. All Club custom toms are fitted with Yamaha’s original YESS mounting system Club Custom is available in the new Swirl finishes. This revolutionary finishing process recreates classic style wrap finishes in lacquer for less shell restriction. Finishes available are Swirl Black, Swirl Blue, and Swirl Orange.
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 Yamaha Club Rack Tom 12x8" Black Wood
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