Yamaha TCS Electronic Drum Pad 10"


Yamaha TCS Electronic Drum Pad 10"

Yamaha TCS Electronic Drum Pad 10

Yamaha TCS Electronic Drum Pad 10"

Yamaha TCS Snare Pad 10 This Textured Cellular Silicone Snare Pad is designed for the Yamaha DTX900 module. It features a three-zone trigger and utilizes an included stereo 1/4" cable. It is an electronic drum pad designed for drummers, by drummers that feels right when you play it, works well in performances, and is fantastically quiet. The DTX-PAD: a next-generation electronic drum padYamaha has been a proud and dedicated designer of acoustic drums for many years, and that's why Yamaha knows what
it means for drums to feel good and to work just right during performances. In its relentless pursuit of drumming perfection, Yamaha has channeled all of its experience into the creation of a new generation of electronic drum pads. Yamaha sought the help of the world's top drummers, reflecting their detailed sense of perfection to give form to the drummer's ideal. The result of this quest for perfection is the DTX-PAD.The DTX-PAD achieves an exquisite feel that satisfies even the world's top drummers. The surface of the pad features a Textured Cellular Silicone Head, made using unique molding technologies developed by Yamaha. It has a different stick response for the snare and toms, which provides a natural feeling when you use the pads in a drum set. The sensitivity of the pad has dramatically increased by employing a floating design. Its durability has been proven through Yamaha's severe testing process and yet achieves a level of quietness during play that is on a different level from other contemporary e-drum pads.
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 Yamaha TCS Electronic Drum Pad 10"
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