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Terms Conditions Advices

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DrumZa invite's you to check out our vast selection of drums, guitars, keyboards, band, orchestra, live sound and recording equipment list. Sort it anyway you like: By Brand, By Category, By Category and Brand, Higher prices, Lower prices, rating, etc - With over 50,000 musical instruments and pro audio and lighting equipment products under one roof, Drumza made it easy for you to find the snare drum or that electric guitar or the microphone or preamp you always wanted!

DrumZa Inc does not actually sell anything to you, so we will never "push" any specific item to you just because we need to "get it out of the door" nor will you ever see any annoying product promotional ads at DrumZa, instead we are letting you choose the item you really want or need by bringing you the selection of pro audio equipment and musical instruments from many major merchants so it is actually You who decides what to buy and from who!

DrumZa is a free service for musicians, sound engineers, DJs and everyone else who is looking for musical instruments or pro audio or lighting equipment. DrumZa deals with many merchants and because of that we can not guarantee the accuracy each product name, description, product pictures or reviews, but we do constantly work to improve our service and we welcome you to get involved and email us about anything you may find subjective at DrumZa.

In order to keep everything organized and accurate we reserve the right to update or delete any product or any other page at DrumZa.com, including this Terms and Conditions without a notice. It is your responsibility to stay updated and informed.

Under no circumstances shall you insult or otherwise attack site administrators or staff members or users or any of the sites pages, products, their descriptions or DrumZa it self. In order to use DrumZa.com, you must agree with the above rules. You may not use our services if you do not accept the Terms.

You are accepting the Terms by actually using our Service. You understand and agree that DrumZa Inc will treat your use of DrumZa.com as your acceptance of our Terms from that point onwards.